Gatherer – ‘Amoeba Miasma Void’ | WW29

Gatherer is the solo project of Morgan McKellar, one-half of Canberra improv-noise duo, Cold House, and formerly of Sydney band Underlapper. Amoeba Miasma Void by Gatherer Tracklisting. 1. Amoeba Miasma Void 2. Extension 3. Shake Lento 4. Speed Thievery All music created and recorded by […]

Filthy Children – ‘Chillection’ | WW28

Chillection is a selection of lovingly munted works representing the current wave of Filthy Children’s musical output. Chillection: Wood and Wire by Filthy Children Tracklisting. 1. Intro 2. Defocus – Through Motion 3. Canecutter – Day Two 4. Paperclip Galaxy – Goosedance 5. Mystery Wagon […]

Mudlark – ‘Zimdahl’ | WW27

In celebration of Ben Peter Zimdahl of Jarrahdale WA, Zimdahl is the first true release from Mudlark. Zimdahl by Mudlark Tracklisting. 1. & 2. fine ointment 3. proud nubian princess 4. troy buswell sniffing seats 5. resting on hollow laurels, resting Music written and performed […]

Pollen Trio – ‘Wreck’ | WW26

The latest incarnation of Pollen Trio, now based in Sydney is comprised of Austin Buckett (piano, electronics), Evan Dorrian (drums) and Marcus Whale (computer, electronics and voice). Wreck by Pollen Trio Tracklisting. 1. Moon 2. Locked 3. Bowie 4. Laloux Pollen Trio is Evan Dorrian […]

The Vainglories – ‘The Visitor’ | WW25

The Vainglories is the solo project of Gillian Lever. Written for Amanda Lever’s Masters in Choreography final performance, The Visitor explores the experience of being a sole identity in a world of unknown. The Visitor by The Vainglories Tracklisting. 1. Part 1 (8:54) 2. Part […]

Piotr-Heslin – ‘Piotr-Heslin’ | WW24

Piotr-Heslin is a new collaboration between producer / composers Derek Piotr and Paul Heslin. Spread over seven tracks, this is a squall of self-built samples, guerrilla beat tactics and unusual processing that transcends genre or classification. Piotr-Heslin by Piotr-Heslin Tracklisting. 1. edgeridge 02:42 2. shorting […]

Cycle~ 440 – ‘17843+’ | WW23

17843+ is a collection of recordings from an 8 show tour of Japan undertaken by duo Cycle~ 440 in February 2013. 17843+ by Cycle~ 440 Tracklisting. 1. Night Jitters 02:55 2. Drifting Through Shinjuku 05:20 3. Pulsing Ghosts 06:28 4. Shochu Dreams 04:47 5. Electric […]

David Evans – ‘Domestic Cinema’ | WW22

David Evans has created a refrain for the Australian home past and present on his second solo album Domestic Cinema. Domestic Cinema by David Evans Tracklisting. 1. Element One 05:25 2. Telco House 07:35 3. Saturday Afternoon 03:15 4. Phonologic 06:04 5. Connection 09:34 6. […]

Heartswin – ‘Tammuz’ | WW20

Through the manifestation of her mythical alter-ego, HEARTSWIN, Sar Freidman seeks to venture beyond the boundaries of song-making in order to reach forms which resonate with the mystical concerns of her explorations. Tammuz by Heartswin Tracklisting. 1. Tammuz (21.57) Concept, Voice, Drone, Arrangements – Sar […]

Fatti Frances – ‘Sweaty’ | WW19

Raised by her eccentric grandmother in an old Brunswick home similar to the Grey Gardens Mansion, Raquel Solier emerged from boxes of worn VHS tapes and empty milk cartons to become Fatti Frances, experimental RnB artist. Sweaty by Fatti Frances Tracklisting. 1. Sweaty (03:55) 2. […]

Stress Waves – ‘Lost Lustre’ | WW18

Stress Waves is both an attempt to express the romance and wonder of the post-apocalyptic entertainment of the 80’s and 90’s and an exploration of ideas put forth by bands and musicians of that era. Lost Lustre by Stress Waves Tracklisting. 1. Incandescent Dreams (2.47) […]