In celebration of Ben Peter Zimdahl of Jarrahdale WA, Zimdahl is the first true release from Mudlark.


1. &
2. fine ointment
3. proud nubian princess
4. troy buswell sniffing seats
5. resting on hollow laurels, resting

Music written and performed by Steven Bovenizer & Warsame Hassan
Recorded and Mixed by Nick McKenzie
Mastered by Simon Struthers at Forensic Audio
Album Art by Oliver Coakley
Artist Photograph by Omar Bellizia
With thanks to Nora Karailieva


In celebration of Ben Peter Zimdahl of Jarrahdale WA, Zimdahl is the first true release from Mudlark.

Zimdahl is a one and half year milestone demonstrating Mudlark’s audacious sound arrangements. Tracking five recordings live in studio by Nick McKenzie, limited to two instruments, Zimdahl seeks sound as a space. With no re-amping or overdubbing, the mixing was arranged as though the band were performing live on stage, or as a canvas in front of the speakers. Using 3 guitar amps as a stereo wall of sound, and approximately 22 mics tracking percussion and guitar, allowed the duo to select the most relevant mic positions in the room.  With intentionally limited editing,  Zimdahl aims for a truly accurate rendition of Mudlark’s sound in a live application.

“Five bristling, vibrant instrumentals that prove antsy and unpredictable. Certain guitar lines might trigger flashbacks to your old Tortoise records, but that’s just the beginning of what goes on here.”
Mess + Noise

“A hard listening indie-jazz fusion cacophony that destroys your ability to think or reason; absorbing your thoughts until all that is left are electronic shivers and rolling rhythmic synapses.”
The Music

“A weird riddle, a fascinating and deeply enjoyable mystery.”
Cool Perth Nights

“Like a mix between instrumental hip hop, math rock and jazz. As hip hop breaks go, these are pretty savage and this isn’t exactly Dilla, but it’s pretty intriguing.”

“The combustible combination of twisting rhythms and head spinning guitar made the debut full length from Perth two piece Mudlark one of the years most startling – and enjoyable – listening experiences. The sound Guitarist Steven Bovenizer and drummer Warsame Hassan create is rife with devilish contrast – structured yet improvised, dark yet bright, jarring yet constantly engaging. It’s a truly unique sonic beast.”
Bandcamp Hunter – Best of 2014


Beginning mid-2012 out of Perth Mudlark are a bizarre blend of unique playing styles; guitar and percussion private between Steven Bovenizer & Warsame Hassan. Exhibiting instrumental song structures supporting a dream logic charged by heavily constructed rhythm changes, with the organic charm of digital music stylings they prove experimentation in a live application to be audience attentive. Meeting a new perspective of music the self taught two piece create an impressive distinction. Music as intended, ever-evolving.

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