Adam Cadell (The Scrapes) presents four compositions inspired by red-earth roads and busted sound systems.


1. Jamestown
2. Red, Like the Dirt Beneath My Feet
3. Block Out the Sky
4. Dance ‘til it all Melts Away You Fucking Idiots

Adam Cadell – violin, gonje, percussion, electronics, field recording, engineering, production, generator operator
Mastered by Ryan Potter
Cover art by Kim B. Cadell
Mostly recorded in the first half of 2013 in Accra, Ghana. “Jamestown” recorded live in Jamestown, Accra, Ghana.


4 compositions inspired by red-earth roads and busted sound systems…monumental, urgent, meditative, angry, gentle, more electronic than any of his previous work…it is evocative of West African sounds filtered through a fucked up lens of Minor Threat and Anton Webern with a dash of Tony Conrad dronathon for good measure. Recorded entirely on a hand-held field recorder in Accra, Ghana and then munted beyond recognition with his trusty laptop, this collection of pieces for violin, gonje, percussion, found sounds and electronics represents part of Cadell’s Radical Violin project. Music against complacency and apathy…music against capitalism and exploitation…music for truth.

“Radical Underground Violinists of the world, stand up, take your instruments and your intellects and help build a culture in opposition to the powers that are degrading our disadvantaged fellow humans and making our planet uninhabitable!”
Dr. Adam Cadell, The Manifesto of the Radical Violinist

“Swaying from haunting meditations to cacophonous maelstroms without end, ‘Til It All Melts Away takes the violin, bends it into distorted contortions, and throws it to the wind. It’s breathtaking.”
Sonic Masala


Adam Cadell aka The Doctor aka The Barbarian Meditator aka Barbarian Meds, currently lives in Accra, Ghana. Originally from Queensland, he has worked with countless musicians and artists and is one half of the critically acclaimed duo The Scrapes. He is primarily a violinist, seeking out a radicalised approach to his instrument in order to induce progressive thinking. In The Scrapes he has released two full-length albums and one CDR, and as a solo artist has several albums available online at

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