17843+ is a collection of recordings from an 8 show tour of Japan undertaken by duo Cycle~ 440 in February 2013.


1. Night Jitters 02:55
2. Drifting Through Shinjuku 05:20
3. Pulsing Ghosts 06:28
4. Shochu Dreams 04:47
5. Electric City 02:27
6. Snow In Kyoto 02:23
7. 16:00-18:00 03:36
8. This Is Where We Are 05:46
9. Points And Lines 02:37
10. Reclaimed Land 01:50
11. Haiku 00:37
12. Memory Of A Salaryman 06:33

Cycle~ 440 are:
Kevin Penkin – Piano
Sam Gillies – Electronics

All tracked recorded live by Cycle~ 440 in February 2013
Track 01 recorded live at a(n) arrangement(s), Kosmos Lane Studio and Gallery, Tokyo, 09.02.2013
Track 02 and 07 recorded live at DOCKGAVOTTE, Yuno Museu, Osaka, 02.02.2013
Track 03 and 09 recorded live at Miniatures, MIIT House, Osaka, 03.02.2013
Track 04 and 10 recorded live at Urbanguild, Kyoto, 08.02.2013
Track 05 recorded live at Bliss In The Dark, Next Sunday, Tokyo, 11.02.2013
Track 06 recorded live at Nu Things, Osaka, 05.02.2013
Track 08 and 11 recorded live at Hokage, Osaka, 04.02.2013
Track 12 recorded live at Test Tone, Superdeluxe, Tokyo, 12.02.2013

Recorded and edited by Sam Gillies
Mixed and Mastered by Kevin Penkin

Many thanks to Kohei Harada, Cal Lyall, Go Tsushima, Asari Daiki, Jerry Gordon, Tomomi Okuno, Jun Minowa, Jun Sano, Junya Amano, The Department for Culture and the Arts, Stu Buchanan, Kynan Tan, Andrew Brooks, Té, and everyone we met on our journey through Nippon
Photography by Darcey Rahn

Released September 2013.


17843+ is a collection of recordings from an 8 show tour of Japan undertaken by Cycle~ 440 in February 2013. The tour took Cycle~ 440 through a variety of locations, from gallery spaces to grunge clubs, and everything in between. These recordings we collected and edited from over four hours of material recorded during this tour through Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo, and show Cycle~ 440 experimenting with a variety of compositional and improvisational approaches that would inform the structures that guide the direction of their next album “The Topography of Ascending Frameworks”. “17843+” shows Cycle~ 440 as a live force, raw, playful, and delicate, while retaining the visceral nature of their live performance, their unique brand of melodious noise vibrating throughout the different chambers of Japan’s experimental music scene.

“Cycle~ 440 combine piano and laptop to create dense, semi-improvised jams that sit somewhere between organic warmth and sci-fi doom. 17843+ captures the intriguing Perth duo live and at their best, on tour in Japan earlier this year. Like a colder, more cerebral version of the great Christian Fennesz / Ryuichi Sakamoto collabs, this loose, no-nonsense record is a fascinating addition to the ever-expanding Wood & Wire stable.”


Cycle~ 440 is the semi-improvisational electro-acoustic duo of Sam Gillies and Kevin Penkin that fuses acoustic piano with extensive laptop sampling and processing to create alternating soundscapes of extreme fragility and overwhelming density. Sam Gillies and Kevin Penkin met while studying a Bachelor of Music at WAAPA. Cycle~ 440 was formed in 2009 when they sought to fuse Kevin’s love of Japanese game and anime music and Sam’s appreciation for the delicate ambient and extreme noise genre’s. As Cycle~ 440 they maintain a national and international performance profile while releasing a steady stream of recordings – the conclusion to the ‘structures’ trilogy “The Topography of Ascending Frameworks” is due to be released in 2013, and will be the sixth release by Cycle~ 440.