David Evans has created a refrain for the Australian home past and present on his second solo album Domestic Cinema.


1. Element One 05:25
2. Telco House 07:35
3. Saturday Afternoon 03:15
4. Phonologic 06:04
5. Connection 09:34
6. Upswing Spiral 05:23
7. Microsoundwave 04:11
8. Slumber 05:39

All tracks written, performed, recorded, and mixed by David Evans
Mastered by Byron Scullin at Deluxe Mastering
Design by Heath Killen


David Evans has created a refrain for the Australian home past and present on his second solo album Domestic Cinema. Alongside Evans’s trademark use of old manual typewriters and drumkit, the album was made from ‘field recordings in the home’ coupled with recordings of telephone exchange machinery at Melbourne’s Telecommunications Museum which has been used to connect calls all over Australia during the last 100 years.

Evans has taken sounds common to many homes – microwaves ovens, fans, electric toothbrushes, food processors, electric razors, bikes, hair dryers, frying pans, kettles – alongside recordings of various telephone exchanges, dial tones, ringer machines, selector switches, Morse keys, teletype and telex machines from the Telecommunications Museum, and combined these with typewriters, drumkit and some more ‘conventional’ instruments such as bass, harmonium and auto-harp, to create a unique sound collage.

Mess + Noise: Track-By-Track by David Evans

“part ethereal soundtrack, part ambient electronica, reminiscent in places of the music of minimal artists such as Brian Eno”
Sydney Morning Herald  (interview)

“Mouse clicks, whirring machines, brooms, typewriters, whipper snippers – everything is ripe for creating impending doom. The sheer tenacity of Evans to work these “found sounds” into his incestuous beats and explorations is commendable – the fact that Domestic Cinema is so captivating is a minor triumph.”
Sonic Masala

“Beyond the context, musically there’s a lot to consider here. For me though it’s the tonal nuances which generate the most interest, like the gentle flow of Upswing Spiral which feels like an ancient loop by German innovators Can; lulling, before evolving into a burst of primal drums, then dropping back into a seething, summery hum.”
Cyclic Defrost

“a series of light, neat soundscapes that are a joyous celebration of all things percussive, while avoiding the aimless clatter that often beleaguers avant-garde drumming”


David Evans is co-founder and drummer of veteran Melbourne instrumental band ‘This is Your Captain Speaking’, who have released 3 internationally acclaimed albums over the last 10 years, toured Europe and the UK, played the Sydney Opera House and signed to Resonant Records (London).

Domestic Cinema is the follow-up to Evans’s 2011 solo debut Internal Temporal Order (Sensory Projects), described as “a sparse mesmerising work…beautiful music that defies categorisation” (Inpress) and “a tricky premise that delivered an album that’s pure and warm rather than mechanical and cold” (Mess+Noise) where “Evans ventured out into a dry and inhospitable audio phonic desert and despite all odds found water” (TwoThousand).