Investigating their unique pairing of voice and modular synthesis, Stu Buchanan talks with Sonya Holowell and Ben Carey about their new project, Sumn Conduit.

Sumn Conduit is the duo project of Indigenous Australian improviser and experimental vocalist Sonya Holowell , and modular synthesist and composer Ben Carey. Their debut release ‘Track’ highlights the unique marriage of their two worlds, and in this episode we embark on a wide-ranging discussion that covers the ‘oneness and multiplicity’ of their approach; using visual stimuli in improvisation; the meaning and contradictions of ‘experimental music’; and Sonya’s recent long-form article, ‘Decolonising the High Arts’.

Read Sonya’s article ‘Decolonising The High Arts’ at Australian Music Centre.

Watch Art Gallery of NSW ‘Together in Art’ performance on YouTube.

Published on 31 August 2020.

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