Stu Buchanan talks to Spartak – Canberra artist, label manager and promoter SHOEB AHMAD, and drummer, producer and sound artist EVAN DORRIAN.

SHOEB has, for quite some time, been one of the key voices of dissent in the city of Canberra – single-handledly staging an inexhaustible series of experimental music events and managing the renowned HelloSquare record label,. He also produces music, both as a solo artist and as one half of SPARTAK. His collabortor in Spartak is artist EVAN DORRIAN, who is additionally a core member of POLLEN TRIO and released his debut self-titled solo release in 2009.

In Sydney for a local show with THE GHOST OF 29 MEGACYCLES and THE INFINITY ROOM, Shoeb & Evan chat about the recent SPARTAK album ‘Verona’, as well as upcoming records on HelloSquare, and Shoeb’s role as the first guest curator of the New Weird Australia compilation series, with the release ‘The Sound Of Young Canberra’.

Published 30 September 2010

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