Featuring 28 unreleased tracks from experimental and underground Australian artists, New Weird Australia, Collapse Theories emerges at the tail-end of the two-year pandemic, and takes a precise psychic snapshot of the bridge between then and now.

As artists endeavour to once again lift their heads and lift their hearts, the compilation asks them to direct their energies (light or dark; focused or fucked) into a soundtrack of the now. The result is part victory parade, part riot – a cathartic burst, a riotous exclamation, a primal scream.

Available as a Name Your Price download / stream from Bandcamp.

All proceeds from this release will be donated to Bundjalung Community Flood Relief, providing direct financial support to Bundjalung Aboriginal communities affected by the devastating impacts of the March 2022 flood, the highest since colonial records began.

Featuring: Alexis Weaver, ALI WAN HILL, ALX; GoSlow, Aphir, Bacchus Harsh, Decadent Discord, Gillian Lever, Haunts, Horse Macgyver, jobfit, Kris Keogh, Lack The Low, Madenda, Megadead, Melanie Eden, Mookoid, Orbits, Puscha, Reuben Ingall, screensaver, Scraps, Silonics, Sudden Debt, The Omega Point, Travis Cook, Universal Cruelty, WPH and Zacharias Szumer


New Weird Australia, Collapse Theories | NWA021

1. Kris Keogh – Nintendo Kick Drum Avalanche 01:21
2. Horse Macgyver – Gots To Got Have To Haves 03:51
3. Zacharias Szumer – Stilted Cycle 03:51
4. Alexis Weaver – A Mouthful of Locusts 05:15
5. Bacchus Harsh – Grievous Assaku 04:52
6. jobfit – Cuttlefish Barb 04:45
7. SCRAPS – Peculiar Radio 02:24
8. Aphir – Airlock 02:33
9. Lack The Low – Strong Bones 04:49
10. Universal Cruelty – Borage 03:28
11. Puscha – Enunciate 08:43
12. Sudden Debt – B 02:57
13. Madenda – Putrefaction 07:58
14. Silonics – The Foundry Waltz 02:15
15. Mookoid – At The Crater’s Edge 01:19
16. Orbits – Ultraviolet 04:49
17. Travis Cook – Hell 03:40
18. Reuben Ingall – Boots With The FUUUUUUU 03:35
19. ALI WAN HILL – Stop Chasing No Blame 02:59
20. The Omega Point – Quiero Volar 04:39
21. Decadent Discord – Complexity Is Born 03:47
22. screensaver – Skin (Horse Pills Remix) 04:18
23. Haunts – Bantam 02:32
24. Melanie Eden – End of Known 09:19
25. ALX; GoSlow – Domestic Safety 04:11
26. Gillian Lever – twentyonetwentytwo 08:18
27. Megadead – Stay 04:28
28. WPH – Crumbled 01:48

Compiled by Stu Buchanan
Artwork by Timothy Dwyer

Released March 2022

All tracks previously unreleased.
Download include booklet with full credits, artist bios and links.

NWA021 was compiled on the sacred land of the Darug People. We acknowledge the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the lands on which we work and pay our respects to Indigenous Elders past, present and emerging. Sovereignty has never been ceded. It always was and always will be, Aboriginal land.