Sixty minutes of new mutant music from the upside down, presented by Stu Buchanan.

In this episode, NWAP 122, we listen to ritual electronics from Melbourne artist Sandpit Alias; as well as new solo work from PVT’s Richard Pike. Sydney saxophonist Jorja Chalmers unites with David Lynch collaborator Dean Hurley on her new album; and we hear new work recorded in Korea from interdisciplinary artist Melanie Eden.

We also check out the new release from Little Songs Of The Mutilated collective, featuring Nat Grant and Michelle Nguyen; as well as the first album from visual-art duo Snawklor in over a decade; and a piece taken from the new retrospective collection by Adelaide’s Panoptique Electrical. And to round out the episode, a preview of the new album from Megan Alice Clune on Room 40 and the latest ‘decolonial ambient’ work from Amby Downs.

Featured in this episode:

Cover Image: Michelle Nguyen

Published on 8 August 2021.

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