The root of all psychological suffering is human language itself.

1. Human Language (0:14)
2. Street Noise (8:11)
3. You Know Who (5:11)
4. I Wanna Understand (2:58)
5. Weird Weather (6:30)

All instruments played by Joe Saxby
Except for the drums on “Street Noise” and “You Know Who” played by Rhys Tyack
All songs written and recorded by Joe Saxby

Released October 2014.


These Guy on Human Language:

“The Human Language EP was recorded in a highly fragmented way mainly between March 2013 and April 2014, and consists of recordings of the sounds I was living in close proximity to at the time. I’d just moved to an industrial part of Brisbane from a regional Qld town, so I was thinking about my new situation and having negative stuff going through my head all the time, as you do. I felt disconnected, alone, sincerely unable to relate to anyone, all that jazz, and I was deep into a krautrock obsession so all shines through in the music.

“It started at my friend James’ house when I recorded a 14 second snippet of nondescript weirdness that I called “human language”, and I never knew what I wanted the phrase to mean until I was reading a paper on a newish form of therapy called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, which postulates that: “the root of (all psychological) suffering is human language itself. Human language is a highly complex system of symbols, which includes words, images, sounds, facial expressions and physical gestures… (and its) dark side … is that we use it to … dwell on and ‘relive’ painful events from the past; to scare ourselves by imagining unpleasant futures; to compare, judge, criticise and condemn both ourselves and others; and to create rules for ourselves that can often be life-constricting or destructive.”


These Guy on These Guy:

“More and more often you seem to get caught asking, “who are these guys?” when you get shown some nxt-lvl-sh*t by a m8, only to find that what you’ve been shown is merely the creation of a singular person who most likely never ventured out of their bedroom in making said sh*t. So then I found it only appropriate to make a kind of tepid, grammatically inadequate play on this idea and call myself These Guy and make beats and melodies and etcetera just like every other whiteboy with a computer.

“I’m influenced by Chinese ink paintings, Beat poetry, mindfulness meditation, Dr. Seuss, scones, and a variety of musics, and I like to think that when people hear my tunes, these reference points are brutally transparent. Hopefully you’ll join me and we can collaborate and transcend the confusion of absolutely everything.”

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