Exploring feelings of loneliness and onlyness, Solace is a collection of pieces by solo artist Gillian Lever.


1. Chips & Cheese & JW
2. I Am The Only
3. Solace

Mixed by Yeo Choong. Mastered by Adam Dempsey at Jack the Bear’s Deluxe Mastering. Sonic Guardian Angel Duties kindly provided by Simon Polinski.
Cover Photography by Alexander Kumar.

Released February 2013.


Exploring feelings of loneliness and onlyness, Solace is a collection of pieces to surround the listener in, to feel at once immersed and distant. Dark undercurrents shadow deceptively pretty melodies, while shifting rhythms foster a sense of unease that belies the calmness of textured pads.

“a darker sojourn into the depths of isolation … murkier undercurrents are highlighted by space and the occasional bright melody, alluding to the search for solace as a positive retreat, not just a forced ostracision. Think of some of the work from Crow and The Dirty Three on the Praise soundtrack, and you are in the same early-morning park. It’s stark, elegiac, and often quite beautiful.”
Sonic Masala


The Vainglories is the solo project of Gillian Lever, and is responsible for producing the soundtrack to her introspective moods. Melancholic melody intertwines with textured strangeness to create lullabies for the nightmare-prone. The Vainglories has played live in UK and Australian venues, and has written music for film and live theatre. Based in Melbourne, The Vainglories constantly struggles with the grammatical difficulties arising from being a solo artist with a name more suited to a band.

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