Berlin-via-Brisbane’s Strange Forces feature as the tenth and final release for New Weird Australia’s New Edition imprint.

Available as a Name Your Price download / stream from Bandcamp


1. Intro 02:17
2. Soul Window 06:01
3. Love Rust 04:37
4. Hungry Ghost Nation 07:15
5. Drugs And Powers 04:15
6. Liquid Sunlight 04:26
7. Shizer In The Shadows 04:47
8. Midnight Plumage 11:14

Written and performed by Strange Forces.
All songs recorded at Studio East, Berlin, mixed by Ed East and mastered by Jaike Stambach; except for Intro, Love Rust, Midnight Plumage all recorded, mixed and mastered by desfontane.

Released January 2012.


Four years ago, the members of Strange Forces left the balmy climes of Brisbane for the dead centre of Europe, carrying a head-full of ideas and aspirations, seeking a pathway to enlightenment in the metropolis of Berlin.

Taking their cues from a montage of inspirational devices – from Spacerock to obscure New-Age Prophecies – Strange Forces’ diligence and determination has paid off in unpredictable ways. They have carefully eschewed the usual tropes found in Australia’s revered guitar-bass-drums set-up and, remarkably, found something altogether new and dynamic within such confines, delivering a washed out lo-fi psychedelic experience that bristles with ancient power.

Their northern exposure has given them the opportunity to support spiritual kinsmen Mogwai in 2011 and to take their multi-dimensional tableau to the good people of Eastern Europe in a unique Ukranian tour (documented via their ‘Hypervisions’ online video series).

For this New Editions release, their self-released debut EP has been augmented with additional tracks originally found on a limited cassette ‘Spores’, released by Los Angeles tape label, Living Tapes.


Feature Album, ‘Out To Lunch’
RTR Perth, February 2012

“Rattling, monstrous invocations of acid-rock breakdowns both mental and musical. If 20JFG required a gateway back into the murky swamps of a guitar drenched adolescence the slow build of Soul Window proffers one. Reverb soaked guitar flutters in the shadows of a tree lined clearing, shadows constantly profaned by the flames of some awful, ancient ritual at the clearing’s centre. Unimaginable colour shooting up into space from a cyclopean obelisk. The Old Ones would be proud.”
20 Jazz Funk Greats, July 2010 (on ‘Soul Window’, pre-release)