‘Natural Living’ is the sixth release on Wood And Wire, and the third album by Regional Curse (Stacey Wilson / Rites Wild).


1. Traditional Ascension (9:29)
2. Miracle Cure (3:46)
3. Try & Understand It (2:58)
4. Natural Living (7:03)
5. Best Believe (10:03)

Performed, recorded & mixed by Stacey Wilson.
“Searching for a miracle cure, something I can recommend to friends.”
Cover photo by Stacey Wilson.

Released July 2012.


‘Natural Living’ is the third album by Regional Curse (Stacey Wilson).

The record was performed, recorded & mixed at home by Wilson in the autumn of 2012, directly after leaving her home town of Adelaide to move to Melbourne. Refracted through pervasive themes of ascension and natural progression, ‘Natural Living’ marks a shift for Wilson into territories occupied by low-toned electronic synth and spacious drum work.


Regional Curse is the solo project of Stacey Wilson (Rites Wild, Terrible Truths, Comfort Zones) from Australia. Beginning in late 2008 as an instrumental noise project, a series of self-released cassette tapes have seen Wilson experimenting with the Regional Curse sound utilising home-made electronic drums and a malfunctioning looper pedal.

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“the mix here is very clean and deep: there’s none of the crisp snare hiss of Rites Wild because this is very much a bass driven operation … There’s an almost liberating darkness here. It’s not oppressive, but rather spacious and thoughtful. The name “regional curse” is fitting because this doesn’t feel particularly urban. It never gets this dark in the city.”

“Natural Living, to an extent, reminisces over the remains of early synth music, with perhaps a longing for their return, but it is also its own futuristic temple, and the bones of the era are left to adorn the walls.” 
A Closer Listen

“Refracted through pervasive themes of ascension and natural progression, Regional Curse marks itself as an arbiter of isolation and vice, hidden away in the scum-soaked hovels of paranoiac mind. Desolation reigns here – yet it never has sounded this sleek.”
Sonic Masala

“this is genuinely unsettling music to be kept from impressionable children at all costs, that is if we’d like to maintain their disneyfied childhoods.”
Beer On My Boat Shoes