The very first release on New Weird Australia’s Wood & Wire label sees Melbourne drumming duo Peon hit the studio with Lloyd Swanton (The Necks) on both production and bass duties.


1. No Second Acts (03:39)
2. Distension (08:51)
3. Selva (04:11)
4. Slinky (06:05)
5. Life Coach (08:24)
6. Modern Music (06:18)
7. Io (11:07)

Sam Price ‘ drums/laptop/synths
Ronny Ferella ‘ drums/melodica/ngoni/analogue effects
Lloyd Swanton ‘ contrabass, tracks 6 & 7 (Double bass made, and kindly loaned, by Benedict Puglisi)
Production ‘ Lloyd Swanton and Peon
Recording / Mixing / Mastering ‘ Casey Rice
Tracks 1-5 composed and performed by Peon
Tracks 6&7 composed and performed by Peon and Lloyd Swanton
Cover Photography by Lloyd Swanton

Released June 2012.

Sleeve Notes.

Peon’s third release, Inter Alia sees Melbourne’s drumming duo hit the studio with Lloyd Swanton on both production and bass duties and the acknowledged doyen of the mixing desk, Casey Rice, looking after the sonics. This record documents a nexus, the coming together of the unadorned enjoyment of improvised sound with a leaner, song-like aesthetic. For two days, the team holed up in Headgap Studios, they searched, they found. Seven pieces that tessellate intriguingly to make a whole.

Music for the hipster’s fallout shelter.

“a masterful piece of largely-percussive improvisation, that ebbs and flows, rising up majestically and then quieting back down to a brooding mess”
Life Is Noise

“…labels aren’t that important to Peon; they’re just keen to make striking atmospheric experimental music with a groove. It’s all about mood for these guys, and they maintain it effortlessly without forgoing their roots.”
The Music

“Fusing jazz improv and almost subliminal electronic manipulations with ritualistic rhythmic patterns, Peon create a sinuous sojourn through the echoing halls of psych mantra”
Sonic Masala

“Fascinating electro acoustic sounds from Melbourne act Peon, who are part of new experimental label Wood and Wire. Co-produced by Lloyd Swanton of local improv legends The Necks, this could be the start of something good.”
Bandcamp Hunter 

“an improvisation-based album that is both foreboding yet familiar … ‘Selva’ contains warm drone synths not dissimilar to the sounds conjured up by Boards of Canada or Crystal Castles with a whole suite of scattered percussion strewn across the track …an ideal winter album for days spent indoors”
Cyclic Defrost 


Realising that drummers share a unique (sometimes monosyllabic) language of their own. In mid-2010, Sam and Ronny decided to set their drums up in the same room and see what transpired. The drums (as they are wont to do) birthed all kinds of melodic possibilities in their collective brain. These melodies found a natural home on other exotic instruments.

Peon prioritise the transcendent moment but refuse to bottle it for later use, making every iteration right for that moment.

An informed post-rock improv agenda powers the Peon machine, strictly no re-hashing or copping out from where it needs to be. Maximal hypnoticism for those who crave it.

Peon have toured around Australia, released two records, have collaborated with Lloyd Swanton, Miroslav Bukovsky, Casey Rice and are releasing their third and most accomplished recording to date ‘ ‘Inter Alia’ on Wood and Wire.

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Sam Price & Peon on Bandcamp