New Wave Sludgecore from Ben Byrne and Ivan Lisyak.


01. Three Inches Above The Floor (10:16)
02. It Won’t Be So Hard (Not For You) (14:09)
03. Carried On A Wave (9:00)
04. You Ruin Everything (6:45)
05. We Can All Fade Away Sometime (10:21)

Machine Death is Ben Byrne and Ivan Lisyak.

Released June 2012.


New Wave Sludgecore.

“Machine Death is fairly brutal, with the whisper of melody trying vainly to smash through a static wall of distorted viscera. Fuck Buttons would be proud.”
Sonic Masala

“Machine Death have created a music of combustion; mountains not made of earth, but concrete, steel and bilious, carcinogenic smog. This is not a music of beauty, but horror; of nature swept away by the mechanical, of gas chambers and the desolation of late capitalist society.”
Wake The Deaf