Off-kilter experimental electronica in the debut from Perth’s Kučka, the eighth release on Wood And Wire.

1. rewind (5:27)
2. the operation (4:59)
3. polly (serialkillersundays) (4:02)
4. sun moon blood night (4:24)
5. chinatown (4:24)
6. i (4:29)
7. rewind (fm remix) (4:13)


All tracks written and produced by Laura Jane Lowther.
Mastered by Lee Buddle at Crank Recording.
Track 7 remixed by fm.

kučka thanks: Many thanks to Jake Steele, Katie Campbell and Rosie Taylor who give so much of their time and energy make the live show awesome. Also big thanks to Jess & Cal for giving me limitless visual inspiration and Eva for your continuing support.

Released August 2012.


Between mid 2011 and Early 2012 Laura Jane Lowther spent countless hours, verge collecting, sampling and gathering various natural sounds to be used for her electronic project kučka. With a love of synth tones and the human voice Lowther combined all of these elements to create a different kind of pop, not quite polished, not quite gritty. The result is her debut EP (self-titled), sometimes dark, a hint of glitch, some warped piano but always with her haunting voice floating on top of her inimitable arrangements.


kučka began as a solo bedroom project for vocalist and producer Laura Jane Lowther. By carefully piecing together found sounds, layering her vocals and experimenting, she created a combination of delicate, ambient sounds, industrial glitches and captivating grooves. More structured tracks formed, resulting in her self titled debut EP, an eclectic mixtape with a unique textural avant-pop sound.

Now kučka has gained a reputation in her hometown Perth, for her interesting live shows, recruiting Jake Steele (Injured Ninja) on analog synths, Katie Campbell (Catlips) on live electronic beats and impressive percussionist Rosie Taylor (playing gongs, chimes and scrap metal!) to accompany her haunting vocals and mixed up sampling.

Kučka has recently filmed a music video for Rewind directed by accomplished WA filmmaker Julia Ngeow.

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The Best Australian Bands You’ve Never Heard Of – off-kilter experimental electronica from one Laura Jane Lowther’s solo bedroom project turned ambitious, post-dubstep live act”
The Guardian

“a post-dubstep miasma of deep bass, electric flickers, mutant samples and shifting time signatures … The influences flitter around, the combinations new and entrancing and her own personality stamped onto the whole in a way that establishes her own, individual and exciting voice”
Cyclic Defrost

“intent on eschewing normal notions of electro pop, instead trying to colour the furtive outer regions, neither aggressive nor reticent; neither glossy nor gritty. These arrangements expand and contract like a psychotropic headswell; Alice In Wonderland in cyberpunk sound-byte form. Tying it all together is Lowther’s plinking vocals, somewhere between Deerhoof’s Satomi Matsuzaki and Alison Goldfrapp, a skittish yet ominous mist, a dark seduction threatening to swallow you whole.”
Sonic Masala

“If you’ve seen her live or heard her on radio you’ll know that Kučka – indelicate pseudonym for the delicate looking Laura Jane Lowther – gets every note right in her particular take on dark, glitchy electronica. They’re complex compositions, with her unbelievably smooth, crystalline (and slightly disturbing) voice woven all the way through.”
The Thousands

“…the debut EP by kučka might well be one of the most intriguing and ambitious releases by a Perth artist I’ve encountered”
Life is Noise

“with abstract minimalism that would surely see her a comfortable fit on the Warp label, kučka’s debut EP leads in with Rewind, the kind of spartan electonica that rewards a decent pair of headphones and a darkened room.”
Drum Media

“The music’s synthetic sheen veils a sinister undercurrent which only surfaces occasionally in sudden, violent bursts. Lowther is a master of delaying these extroverted moments, at stretching out an uneasy calm until breaking point. It is this play between the suggestion of violence and its realisation that gives the EP its unique dynamic.”
X-Press Mag

“skillfully combines the electronic with the organic, and the pretty with the (slightly) menacing … strange and beautiful”
Bandcamp Hunter

“An artist of true vision, that tip toes through an eccentric, eclectic, electronic and experimental void of musical colours”
The Holding Pattern