Shaun McNamara uses drone, glitches, field recordings, voices and industrial sounds for a dark, experimental album.


1. Memory Lapse
2. The Depths of Sorrow
3. Empty Hours
4. Consciousness
5. Hidden
6. Broken Doll
7. Voiceless
8. Numb
9. She Wrote Poetry
10. Before We Fall

Artwork by Sonia Firlej.
Tracks mastered by Thomas Fauland at NJOY Records – Studio Kalsdorf, Austria.


‘Heads in Dust’ is a collection of blissful and at times unsettling songs. It sounds like an abstract soundtrack to someone’s innermost, darkest thoughts, as it drifts seamlessly though sonic atmospheres. The third Hollow Press album in the span of a year, ‘Heads in Dust’ yet again defies the commercial and conventional music mould. Clearly Hollow Press loves the darker shades of experimentalism, exploring ambience, mingling sounds, wave-like-synths, bells, distorted voices, all of which are displayed on this captivating album.

“Hollow Press is developing fast, inviting listeners to witness his quick evolution … These grooves are sleepy, yet restless, like the spirits of a haunted grove”
A Closer Listen


Exploring ambient and unconventional sounds, there is something inherently intriguing about Hollow Press. Beginning in early 2012, Adelaide’s Shaun McNamara has been using drone, glitches, field recordings, voices, industrial sounds, and other such things to create his work.

‘Fleeting Joy’ and ‘Between Us’ were the first Hollow Press albums, both released digitally and on CD by US label Drug Arts. A remix album of his work was released in early 2013 and is available for free download from the Hollow Press Bandcamp page. With this new album on Wood and Wire, Hollow Press continues his tradition of making interesting and original albums.

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