Fresh from his remix on the Wood & Wire release from kučka, Sydney-based DJ & Producer fm presents his debut EP titled Buttons.


1. Maise 04:19
2. Silk Evening 03:41
3. Rose Madder 03:46
4. Strife 03:32
5. Which House 04:24

Released September 2012.


Fresh from his remix on the Wood & Wire release from kučka, Sydney-based DJ & Producer fm presents his debut EP titled Buttons. Utilising drum machines, synthesisers, effects units & samplers, fm creates unashamedly synthetic electronica – an aural discolouration with 16-bit splashes and industrial misfires.

“new, new-wave electronics, adorable synths and enough of a reinvigorating style to help define an original, chilled set … an awesome debut.”
A Closer Listen

“The Buttons EP floats in, a ghostly decaying voice looped atop shimmering synths and fuzzed out beats. Drawing vocal samples from hip-hop and R&B, fm screws, chops, loops and echoes them atop catchy minimalist hooks and melodies. It falls somewhere on a spectrum of contemporaries like Balam Acab, Hype Williams, or fellow Sydneysiders Albatross.”
The Thousands

“feels like computer music, made by a computer, when coming home to seduce another computer, which as an end product is weirdly alluring”
Sonic Masala


fm is Francis Michael. Francis lends his dark, synth-driven electronic beats to Dysney’s dystopian dance-offs. He is Dysney’s Walt equivalent. A regular acquisition of analog, digital & video game equipment has resulted in an ongoing restructuring of his ‘live’ setup. He has supported the likes of Albatross, Nakagin, Kilter, kučka, Rainbow Chan & Chaos In The CBD.

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