The second release on Wood And Wire, and the debut from Sydney electronic artist, Emily Grantham.


1. Sleff Sleilisation (02:30)
2. Analytical Expression (03:18)
3. Restful (04:03)
4. Vacancy (04:27)
5. Liquid Drainer (02:15)
6. Coconut Flesh (04:48)

Production and vocals by Emily Grantham

Released June 2012.


Chocolate Syrup is the debut release from Sydney artist, Emily Grantham.

“a trippy and unnerving blend of synth, vocal samples, and discordance, all heavily processed. It’s brilliant and damn creepy”
Life Is Noise

“Playing with form within the electronic genre, ‘Chocolate Syrup’ is an experiment in chopped up waves of metallic sheen, soaring from ear to ear like an electric shock, whilst her almost-childlike vocals shifts in and out of the robotic dissonance. It’s equal parts future-pop, and the stuff of nightmares. Monster’s rave.”
Sonic Masala


Based in Sydney, Emily Grantham is studying composition, and experiments within the electronic genre, highlighting the beauty of the bleak.

After receiving free piano lessons at a young age from a family friend, the experimental artist began her wanderlust to find new sonic worlds to escape to. The Sydney recluse found that the internet provided the perfect platform to launch her sound, and an opportunity to immerse herself in the exploration of her abilities.

With an appreciation for dissonance, Emily folds inspiration from 80s films into layers of synth sounds, with morbid words chopped and mixed beyond recognition adding depth and intrigue.

Emily Grantham on Soundcloud