In which Buttress O’Kneel and Lucas Darklord decide to take it upon themselves to recreate Metallica and Lou Reed’s universally-despised ‘Lulu’.


1. Brandenburg Gate (4:19)
2. The View (5:17)
3. Pumping Blood (7:24)
4. Mistress Dread (6:51)
5. Iced Honey (4:36)
6. Cheat on Me (11:26)
7. Frustration (8:34)
8. Little Dog (8:01)
9. Dragon (11:08)
10. Junior Dad (19:29)

Painstakingly created by Buttress O’Kneel and Lucas Darklord from 100% Metallica and Lou Reed. No ‘Lulu’ was used on this album. Deep thanks to Stu for the support. Infernal hails to the IWML and the Crypt Designers Guild.

All rights reversed.

Released June 2012.


In late 2011, the musical giants Metallica and Lou Reed released the universally-despised ‘Lulu’, 2 discs of collaborative work that one reviewer claimed was not quite as worthwhile as ‘wanking into a sock.’
Inspired, two other musical giants, Buttress O’Kneel and Lucas Darklord, decided to take it upon themselves to create a Lulu that was slightly better than wanking into a sock. They did this by each separately sampling and remixing material by Lou Reed or Metallica (with one artist on each track ‘playing’ the ‘Lou Reed’ while the other would ‘play’ the ‘Metallica’). These two separate remixes were then edited into collaborative Lulu pieces, which were given identical names to the tracks on Metallica and Lou Reed’s Lulu, and exactly the same track lengths, without bearing any resemblence to their odious counterparts.

In essence, BOK DARKLORD’s Lulu is a revisionist concept album that attempts to replace the original work, acting as though that repugnant flop never happened at all. And best of all, it can still be enjoyed while wanking into a sock.

“Aiming to eradicate Metallica and Lou Reed’s abomination, the same-titled record here is skewered on a bilious fist of liquid dominance – it hurts, sure, but this cavity search is the enema that the whole world needed.”
Sonic Masala

“easily one of the most stunning albums of the year”
Mark Whitby, Dandelion Radio


Buttress O’Kneel has been described as ‘the Mother Theresa of bio-anarchic post-grrl underculture’ (, ‘a media guerilla’ (Splendid Magazine), ‘hard to pin down, but most often compelling’ (Some Assembly Required), and the creator of ‘a dizzying, exciting hardcore electro stew’ O’Kneel shreds copyrights with a blood-curdling vehemence. Smash the state!’ (Music 4 Maniacs)

Lucas Darklord is said by many to be the ‘Ancient Manifestation of Corporate Holdings and Lore’, the ‘former Lord of All Accountants, both orbiting and terrestrial’, and is currently considered the ‘world leader in Dark Corporate Techno, Dark Corporate Grinding Ambience and Dark Corporate Art Core.’ He operates the Crypt Designers Guild and Agitator Records.

Separately, they are dangerous. Together, they are irrepressible.

BOK Darklord on Alias Frequencies