Ian Rogers (No Anchor) plays guitar and sings. Benjamin Thompson (The Rational Academy) plays guitar. ‘Harsh Out’ is an autopsy report.


1. Buried Sun
2. Omens
3. W69
4. Die Out
5. Two Years
6. Sacher-Masoch

Mix & Production by Ian Rogers and Benjamin Thompson.
Recording and Mastering by Cameron Smith at Incremental Records, 2013.

Released April 2014.


Everywhere you turn is psychedelia. A spree of colour, long hair, trippy sounds, flashing fractals, hand-crafted peace, love and film grain. Go to the festival dressed like a native American, stare into the strobe light. Burn brightly on 60s nostalgia none of us remember. Live half the dream. Why? I want full spectrum nightmares. I want the rest: the knife on the floor of Tate manor, teen junkies, Altamont raceway, Queen booed offstage at Sunbury, death, disorder, confusion, chaos. There has to be some sort of balance, some sort of consequence. History repeats when left uninterrupted. We learn nothing.

‘Harsh Out’ is an autopsy report.

“Even if you’re not much for an iconoclast, there’s brutal, perverse glory in these wounds; scars worn like stripes. Each blast of noise erupts like volcanic ash, spitting poison and conflagration. Light a man on fire and he’ll be warm for the rest of his life.”
The Vine

“This is the kind of noise that makes me feel beautiful, a truly haunted mix of experimental guitar noise that showcases what real experimental music should sound like – the rest of you need to take note and start doing a better job.”
Heavy & Weird

“Atonal obliteration of the most delicious kind … All done without preamble, without compromise, without apology.”
Sonic Masala

“An utter gem of an album …  uneasy listening at times, atmospheric and almost elating at others, but ultimately ‘Harsh Out’s’ sonic intensity will probably win over any one who’s a fan of very loud noises entering their ear canals”
Fucked By Noise

“Ian Rogers of No Anchor and Benjamin Thompson of The Rational Academy turn up the amps and blend together harsh distorted guitar, yelled vocals, and the reverberating crunch that hovers around each track, engulfing, erupting but always in control … an intense journey from two of Brisbane’s finest noise makers.”


Black Pines is about dislocation. Two friends separated by real life, wondering out loud about how and why one whole side of rock history has evaporated. That missing side – the abject horror of psychedelic rock – is where this project lives. This isn’t a revival or pastiche. No one is living this unending rock bullshit here. No one in this band is furthering that agenda. No jams. No art. This is criticism.

Ian Rogers (No Anchor) plays guitar and sings.

Benjamin Thompson (The Rational Academy) plays guitar.

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