New Weird Australia, Bleak Metal | NWA009

“This isn’t your Slayer or Metallica or Pantera, to be certain. It’s heavy sonic seance shit. Big walls of fuzzed out guitars or sludgy numbers swimming in the murky murk or knob twiddling feedback frenzies or straight up droooooooone or sort of industrialized punk frock […]

Axxonn Australian National Tour | New Weird Australia Presents

In January & February 2011, former Brisbane-based artist AXXONN (Tom Hall) gathered up his keyboards and subsonic fuzz for a trip around the country to support his album ‘Let’s Get It Straight’. The tour was presented by NEW WEIRD AUSTRALIA, marking its inaugural Australian excursion […]

Axxonn, Scattered Order | NWAP047

Two live sets taken from the first leg of our debut national tour – taking DIY electronic live music artist Axxonn out on the road to support the release of his new album ‘Let’s Get It Straight’. We hear from Axxonn plus a full set […]