Michael Kucyk from Efficient Space

Michael Kucyk (Efficient Space) | NWAP106

We explore decades-old Australian music, made available for a new generation of listeners via the unique archival label, Efficient Space. We talk with label founder Michael Kucyk and listen to a selection of off-kilter Australian music from the archives, exclusively curated by Michael. Originally broadcast […]

Fia Fiell | NWAP105

We meet Melbourne musician and composer Carolyn Schofield, aka electronic artist Fia Fiell. We’ll be listening to tracks from her two albums on the Nice Music label, and sharing an exclusive selection of rare and unreleased music. Published on April 7, 2019. Originally broadcast on […]

Scattered Order 2016

Scattered Order & M-Squared (Part II) | NWAP104

In the second episode of a two-part special, Stu Buchanan talks to Mitchell Jones; founding member of both seminal Australian experimental band Scattered Order and the early 80s record label M-Squared which balanced the prevailing sounds of post-punk with lo-fi punk electronics and experimental explorations […]

Scattered Order 1980

Scattered Order & M-Squared (Part I) | NWAP103

Whilst the legacies of post-punk, DIY electronics and proto industrial are widely known and documented in the UK and US scenes, their impact in an Australian context is less widely recognised. Bonding over the discovery of Cabaret Voltaire imports in Sydney record stores, Scattered Order […]

Rand & Holland

Rand & Holland | NWAP102

Brett Thompson has been the guiding force in the Australian band Rand & Holland for nearly fifteen years, but it’s been a tumultuous and often torturous ride. Widespread love for their lo-fi folk debut led to a polished pop follow up that furthered their critical […]

Andy Rantzen & Jochen Gutsch (Hinterlandt)

Andy Rantzen & Jochen Gutsch (Hinterlandt) | NWAP101

Andy Rantzen and Jochen Gutsch discuss their new collaborative project, which fuses Andy’s poetic spoken lyrics and Jochen’s diverse musical background, recording and performing as Hinterlandt. Highly conscious of the potential pitfalls of fusing poetry and experimental music, Andy and Jochen carve a path to […]

Martyn Palmer (Broken Chip / Hidden) | NWAP100

Electronic artist Martyn Palmer has been recording calm and tranquil sounds as Broken Chip for many years, but in recent months something fundamental has changed – precipitating a shift from light to dark, from tranquil to anxious, culminating in a new project under the alias […]


Host | NWAP099

For six years, Nathan Jenkins was part of Australian extreme metal band The Amenta, known for their refusal to fully commit to any sense of what a metal band should be. After working within those extremities and contradictions, Nathan established the solo project titled Host, […]

Marcus Whale

Marcus Whale | NWAP098

Marcus Whale has been straddling the worlds of experimental music and alternative pop throughout his career, from his early improvisational work as Scissor Lock, through the densely layered electronic pop of Collarbones to the taut, politically charged BV project he formed with Guerre aka Cassius […]

Brainbeau | NWAP097

Brainbeau are a Brisbane-based underground electronic duo featuring Chelsey Charlton and Kat Martin aka Chelvis Chesley and Kat Martian, aka Dust Storm Jogger and X in O, aka Emotional Hoon and El Crumple Dash. There are vestiges of classic Detroit and Chicago techno in their […]

Jannah Quilll | NWAP096

Sydney artist Jannah Quill works in electronic installation and performance, exploring and exposing hidden energies, predominantly through the photo voltaic process – translating light into electricity and ultimately into sound and music. Through her work she begins to “uncase electronic music for what it really […]

Andrew Tuttle | NWAP095

Andrew Tuttle is an artist who for twelve years has been exploring the relationship between the electronic and the acoustic – primarily by marrying the worlds of laptop processing with that of banjo and acoustic guitar. He has played live with artists such as Matmos, […]