A fkd up playlist for a fkd up year.

We’re writing this on the last day of 2020, and like most of the humans on Earth, we can’t wait to see the back of it. There is one final duty to perform however – the end of year list.

It should be said that we’re not into the full-on, year-end List Olympics, where it’s all eyes on first-past-the-post and such like. But we nonetheless want to give a shout-out to the artists and albums we dwelt on in 2020 – those that gave us a reason to smile or to scream in the most fucked-up of years. Neither definitive nor exhaustive, our 2020 list is a purely subjective trawl through our music proclivities for the year – and we’re just as intrigued about the music that passed us by.

There’s a Buy Music Club list now up so you can disperse your Christmas card money on many well deserving artists; or check out the Soundcloud playlist for a fumble through some of the highlights.



The New Weird Australia 2020 List

  • Amby Downs – Cyclical
  • Brainbeau – Infinite Ways (Good Samaritan)
  • Collector – Prosthetic (Nice Music)
  • Core Self – Elisabetta (Ashida Park)
  • CS + Kreme – Snoopy (The Trilogy Tapes)
  • Ela Stiles – Songs On Harmonium With Voice
  • Friendships – Fishtank (Dot Dash / Anterograde)
  • Impatiens – Scene At The River (Altered States Tapes)
  • Greta Now – Bon Bon
  • Jonnine – Blue Hills (Boomkat Editions)
  • Kcin – Bushmaster (Spirit Level)
  • LA Suffocated – Dust, Fungus & Blasphemous Thoughts
  • Laurence Pike – Prophecy (The Leaf Label)
  • Leaving – Leaving (Good Company)
  • Lisa Lerkenfeldt – Collagen (Shelter Press)
  • LST – Hard Drive Vinegar
  • Marcus Whale – Lucifer
  • Millenium Cowboy – MC-MOOD (Magnetic Dreams)
  • Naretha Williams – Blak Mass (Heavy Machinery)
  • Night Dives – Odd Bloom (Eternal)
  • Party Dozen – Pray For Party Dozen (Grupo)
  • Penelope Trappes – Eel Drip (Houndstooth)
  • Rebel Yell – Fall From Grace (Rice Is Nice)
  • SaD – Saturn Rules The Material World (Trans Brunswick Express)
  • Shoeb Ahmad – A Body Full Of Tears
  • Simon J Karis – Piovve (Nice Music)
  • Sow Discord – Quiet Earth (AR53)
  • Suburban Cracked Collective – Swimming Amongst The Dregs (A Colourful Storm)
  • Sumn Conduit – Track
  • Troth – Flaws In The Grass (Altered States Tapes)
  • Wytchings – Oculus (Lazy Thinking)
  • Yunzero – Blurry Ant (lillerne Tapes)