Amby Downs | NWAP113

Stu Buchanan talks to Tahlia Palmer, an interdisciplinary artist of Yuwaalaraay descent, about her audio project Amby Downs – named after the station in Queensland where her ancestors worked in servitude to settlers. Her work as Amby Downs is created using field recordings and video […]

Reuben Ingall | NWAP112

Stu Buchanan talks to Reuben Ingall about his no-input mixing board project ‘NIMBY2’, as well as his recent adventures in sound recording and his twin passions of (very) slow music and the 1996 Hollywood blockbuster ‘Independence Day’. Reuben Ingall is a prolific artist, musician and […]

Rabbit Island | NWAP111

In this first episode of a new run of New Weird Australia podcasts, Stu Buchanan talks to Perth artist Rabbit Island about her new old record ‘Songs For Kids’. Perth artist Amber Fresh has been making music as Rabbit Island for over ten years, blending […]

Cooper Bowman (Altered States Tapes) | NWAP110

Stu Buchanan talks with Cooper Bowman – musician and artist, and founder of the Australian cassette label Altered States Tapes. The label, which recently celebrated its 100th release, features music that sits across punk, industrial, experimental, electronic and noise, with a roster that spans both […]

Ela Stiles | NWAP109

Stu Buchanan talks with experimental Australian artist Ela Stiles. We check out a selection of tracks from Ela’s back catalogue, and listen to exclusive previews of new material. Taking a radical detour from her early work with Sydney bands Songs and Bushwalking, Ela’ Stiles’ remarkable […]

Andrew Khedoori (Longform Editions) | NWAP108

Stu Buchanan talks with Andrew Khedoori, the founder of the Sydney based project, Longform Editions. Described as a “collective for deep listening”, the project surfaces prolonged exploratory and immersive pieces, each guiding us towards a re-evaluation of the ways in which we listen to music. […]


Tangents | NWAP107

Stu Buchanan talks with Sydney quintet Tangents, a band that collide between genres and forms, taking cues from electronic production, post rock, jazz and free improvisation and more. We’ll hear from cellist Peter Hollo and electronic producer Ollie Brown and spool through cuts from the […]

Michael Kucyk from Efficient Space

Michael Kucyk (Efficient Space) | NWAP106

We explore decades-old Australian music, made available for a new generation of listeners via the unique archival label, Efficient Space. We talk with label founder Michael Kucyk and listen to a selection of off-kilter Australian music from the archives, exclusively curated by Michael. Originally broadcast […]

Fia Fiell | NWAP105

We meet Melbourne musician and composer Carolyn Schofield, aka electronic artist Fia Fiell. We’ll be listening to tracks from her two albums on the Nice Music label, and sharing an exclusive selection of rare and unreleased music. Published on April 7, 2019. Originally broadcast on […]

Scattered Order 2016

Scattered Order & M-Squared (Part II) | NWAP104

In the second episode of a two-part special, Stu Buchanan talks to Mitchell Jones; founding member of both seminal Australian experimental band Scattered Order and the early 80s record label M-Squared which balanced the prevailing sounds of post-punk with lo-fi punk electronics and experimental explorations […]

Scattered Order 1980

Scattered Order & M-Squared (Part I) | NWAP103

Whilst the legacies of post-punk, DIY electronics and proto industrial are widely known and documented in the UK and US scenes, their impact in an Australian context is less widely recognised. Bonding over the discovery of Cabaret Voltaire imports in Sydney record stores, Scattered Order […]

Rand & Holland

Rand & Holland | NWAP102

Brett Thompson has been the guiding force in the Australian band Rand & Holland for nearly fifteen years, but it’s been a tumultuous and often torturous ride. Widespread love for their lo-fi folk debut led to a polished pop follow up that furthered their critical […]