Random Acts of Elevator Music | NWAP005

Appearing spontaneously in elevators throughout the city, Random Acts of Elevator Music enlighten the consciousness of office workers with live muzaktronica. With a portable studio hidden in briefcases, Random Acts of Elevator Music is the latest project from City Frequencies, a collaboration between Matt Adair […]

Andy Rantzen | NWAP004

Andy Rantzen is a Sydney based electronic producer. Trained as a psychologist, Rantzen has been a lecturer at the University of Sydney and is most well-known as part of the duo Itch-E and Scratch-E along with Paul Mac. In this episode, Stu and Danny chat […]

Go Genre Everything | NWAP003

An incomparable duo from Melbourne, with a unique brand of mutant post punk noise akin to Boredoms or The Fall. For the past 20 years, Jen and Zach have played in various ensembles including Sea Scouts, Unlimited Friendly Objective, Mongoose, Ditchboss and Monster Monster Monster. […]

Morning Stalker | NWAP002

Canberra artist Morgan McKellar is part of the Underlapper collective and has recently released ‘In Units’ – the debut album from his new solo project, Morning Stalker. We start the episode with with a live performance of an exclusive track ‘The Bohemian Grave’ and then […]

Cleptoclectics | NWAP001

Cleptoclectics (Tom Smith) channels sonic detritus, plays various instruments, and extrapolates via granular synthesis to create dense, idiosyncratic music. He has released music on assorted labels and compilations, remixed various artists, teaches at Sydney’s College of Fine Arts, and has performed alongside Mark Pritchard, Peter […]