Clan Analogue, Actual R*ssian Brides | NWAP024

Formed almost twenty years ago, CLAN ANALOGUE remains one of the most prolific and interesting collectives in Australian electronic music. In this podcast episode, Stu Buchanan is joined by ANT BANNISTER and ADRIAN ELMER (Telafonica) to talk about the Clan’s new career-spanning retrospective album, and […]

Kate Carr | NWAP023

Sydney artist KATE CARR has been making music since 2007, developing a palette of drones, soundscape, glitch, opera and pop. In this podcast, recorded in May 2010, Kate talks about her work to date, including her 2009 album ‘First Day Back’ released via German label […]

New Weird Australia, Volume Five | NWA005

The artists on this compilation (and their kin spread throughout the country) find censorship, or find a blockage, and simply route around it. Closed venues are a blockage, mainstream industry machinations are a blockage, lazy media are a blockage, indeed any predefined ‘norm’ that restricts […]

Raven | NWAP022

We talk with Peter Hollo about his Raven project which blends cello, loop pedals and laptop processing into a mix of post-classical folktronica. We hear tracks from his latest release on the Curt label and a live performance in the studio. Published 1 April 2010 […]

Nhomea | NWAP021

This episode features a live in-studio session and chat with Nhomea, a Sydney-based collective comprising of a shifting line-up experimental musicians. Published 1 April 2010 Subscribe to the New Weird Australia podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

Paint Your Golden Face, Caught Ship, Alps | NWAP020

This week, three live sets from a recent New Weird Australia show at Sydney’s St Petersburg; featuring Newcastle artist Alps; Melbourne four-piece Caught Ship and Hobart avant-duo Paint Your Golden Face. Published 27 March 2010 Subscribe to the New Weird Australia podcast on Apple Podcasts, […]

Blake Freele | NWAP019

Mapping and reconsidering terrain traversed by contemporaries such as Ben Frost and Pimmon, we talk with Sydney producer Blake Freele and hear a live in-studio performance. Blake’s work ranges from vast and spacious drones to rhythmically driven electronic compositions, married with often intensely processed guitar […]

Chris Abrahams | NWAP018

THE NECKS are one of Australia’s most innovative cult bands, channeling experimental, avant garde, jazz, ambient and minimal sounds via a back catalogue that runs to fifteen albums over twenty years. Each of THE NECKS also has an equally impressive solo and collaborative career – […]

Forenzics | NWAP017

Forenzics are a Sydney collective renowned for their experimental and improvisational slant on noise, psych, drone, art rock & post punk. This episode includes a two-track live session from the band, plus a discussion with band members Dirk Kruithof and Matthew Syres. Published on February […]

Crab Smasher | NWAP016

By their own admission, CRAB SMASHER are a NSW based group of “improvisational sound sharks crafting a frenzied hodgepodge of weirdo psychedelic noise rock and experimental pop delicious”. Having morphed through a variety of lineups and styles since their formation in 2002, the band took […]

Tom Ellard | NWAP015

SEVERED HEADS are regarded as being one of the most influential experimental and electronic bands in Australia, pioneering the use of tape loops and samples in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and forging an innovative career that has stretched across three decades. Returning for […]

New Weird Australia, Volume Four | NWA004

The fourth entry in the New Weird Australia compilation series. New Weird Australia, Volume Four by New Weird Australia Tracklisting. 1. TEXTILE AUDIO, Some Kind Of Mininova (5:32) 2. PAINT YOUR GOLDEN FACE, Television Is About Picture (4:12) 3. REUNION SACRED IBIS, Sing It To […]