An album launch in film, celebrating the release of the New Weird Australia compilation Solitary Wave. Made during Corona quarantine, the launch film features fourteen clips from eclectic and experimental Australian artists, many of which were made exclusively for this release.


00:00:00 Titles (MOON SIGN GEMINI 004)
00:00:24 WYTCHINGS Backseat Getaway
00:02:25 YUNZERO Untitled
00:08:13 NINA IN ECSTASY God (Live)
00:13:10 JESSICA AT BIRTH Sequence 01
00:15:14 HAPPY AXE Stromlo (Edit)
00:20:48 A COUNTRY PRACTICE The Inundation Into Our Room
00:24:35 AMBY DOWNS Times Of Chaos
00:34:45 INVISIBLE PRISM Space Of Variations
00:39:37 NICHOLAS MEREDITH Sex As Resistance (Edit) (dir: Matt McGuigan)
00:44:12 AQRN Wildflowers (visuals: James Spicer)
00:53:16 PATTERN RECOGNITION MACHINES Dispersion High Bitrate
00:58:26 EIRA Restless
01:01:39 LORTICA Music For Friends (dir: Lubois Brothers)
01:05:49 MOON SIGN GEMINI At The Metro

Compiled by Stu Buchanan.
Released June 2020.