New Weird Australia, the NOW now celebrates the 13th instalment of one of Australia’s longest running experimental music events.


1. James Rushford/Joe Talia – Harker (03:38) (previously unreleased)
2. Clare Cooper – Edible (02:10) (previously unreleased)
3. Pollen Trio – Moon (03:31) (previously unreleased)
4. James Oakfield – Psja1 (02:38) (from James Oakfield, self released)
5. Alice Hui-Sheng Chang + Rosalind Hall – Live at Decomposed (10:16) (previously unreleased)
6. TeenAx – TeenAx (03:01) (previously unreleased)
7. Té – Tremor (08:29) (from Circuitous, hellosQuare Recordings)
8. Lloyd Honeybrook – Invocation (10:37) (previously unreleased)
9. Soft Power – Pacific Problem (05:57) (previously unreleased)
10. Jeremy Tatar – Cahill Expressway (07:31) (from All Things Pass, Valley Spirit Recordings)
11. Rishin Singh – Kambah (06:26) (from Three Weevils, AvantWhatever)
12. The Overtone Ensemble – Longitudes Edit (03:57) (previously unreleased)
13. Love Chants – Blackest Little Eyes [live] (05:20) (previously unreleased) 

Compiled by Andrew Brooks.
Design by Clare Cooper.

Released January 2014.

Sleeve Notes.

By Andrew Brooks.

the NOW now presents music, sound and art without borders, with a wide scope including sound sculpture, improvised music, performance art, installations, composed music, new collaborations, trash rock, noise, silence, electronic music, comedy, and everything in-between. What began as a music festival has evolved into a festival of arts with a sonic focus.

The resulting compilation is a primer for the 2014 edition of the NOW now festival; from feedback saxophone to noise rock, dark love songs to fragile electronics, improvised music to doom drone and more. Expect to hear a cross-section of experimentalism and exploratory sound making from some of the country’s most innovative voices.